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Muscle Activation Techniques with Dave Shelton, MAT Master Specialist

muscle-equilibrium-logoMuscle Evolutions offering one-on-one, semi-private and group personal training specializing in a bio-mechanically based process of evaluating and treating muscular imbalance (Muscle Activation Techniques) The goal of the technique is to increase the contractile capability of your muscles, resulting in greater efficiency of individual muscles. Doing so allows you to experience more strength, stability, range of motion, and reduced muscle and joint pain.

Dave Shelton has been training since 2006 and works with a wide range of clientele, from youth sports to NFL, specializing in injury prevention and management to increasing performance.

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Meet Dave Shelton

dave-shelton Dave Shelton was first introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) as a client, and the experience has forever changed the way he views exercise and its effect on the body. He is passionate about educating his clients on the uses and benefits of MAT and is grateful for the opportunity to help others.

Utilizing the unique MAT evaluation methods, Dave first identifies his clients’ specific inhibited muscles and imbalances. Then, once a weakness has been identified, Dave develops a customized strengthening program that emphasizes the weak link. The training program then micro progresses the client into multidirectional and functional movements to complete their recovery and help prevent recurrences.

Dave has been practicing MAT since 2008 and has been an MAT Certified Specialist since 2010. He is currently pursuing his MAT Master’s Certification. He is also a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Specialist and has been a Personal Trainer specializing in corrective exercise since 2005. He is trained as a Resistance Training Specialist (RTS), and holds a Bachelor of Science from Towson University.