Green Living at Mill No. 1

Mill No. 1 is proud to be an eco- friendly luxury apartment complex committed to green living. Sustainability is a vital step in preserving our future. Mill No. 1 is doing our part by participating in environmental preservation, education and energy saving activities that give residents peace of mind while being able to breathe easier and feel healthier!

The mixed-use space of the Mill No. 1 building began as a cotton mill back in 1847, later becoming a manufacturing plant in 1973. By restoring this 19th Century building, we not only preserve a historic landmark, but save on the energy and resources required of new construction. This adaptive reuse of the building incurred little environmental change, avoiding the ecological upheaval of a construction site. Reusing and recycling materials from the original structure helps preserve the historical significance of the building.

The warehouse building, located directly above Jones Falls, will be opening an environmental classroom in Spring 2015. This educational space will provide a wet lab for local science students and hands on research purposes at the newly restored stream. Working with restoration specialists, Biohabitats and Live Green, we recently completed the stream restoration and replanting along its banks.


To further provide a green living atmosphere, residents of Mill No. 1 are provided with all energy efficient appliances (GE Energy Star appliances and washer/dryer), and light fixtures. We also are equipped with a water source heat pump which reduces energy costs during peak weather seasons.

The convenient location and mixed use space of Mill No. 1 allows for services and amenities within walking distance, cutting down on driving and emissions. This encourages walking and bike riding while preserving the neighborhood’s fabric.

For truly green living in a restored historic Baltimore landmark, look no further than Mill No. 1. Contact us today for pricing and availability.


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